Honeycomb louvre

Available for most luminaires in the range, these louvres enhance visual comfort by controlling unwanted light spill.

Softening  lens

Designed to create an even smoother, softer beam edge, these lenses are available for most luminaires in the range.

Linear spread lens

The linear spread lens modifies the beam into an oval shape, ideal for grazing or to form a narrow strip of light.


Available for the Multi series, a snoot can be used to reduce the field angle and control unwanted glare.


Available for the Spot Large, barn doors are often used in museum applications to reduce light spill and glare.

Honeycomb Louvre for LED Lights.
The Honeycomb Louvre is designed for use with the LED lights. It offers the user a tighter control over the spread of the light reducing it to just 40 degrees. The lightweight, rigid metal honeycomb tunnels the beam controlling spill, focusing the light and putting the light only where you want it, with minimal light loss. The Louvre can be attached in seconds using two roto light Knobs.
Honeycomb Louvre led track light 8Watt, 2 wires, 3 wires, 4 wires adapter, surface mounted installation, it is a best choice for kitchen lighting, office lighting , commercial lighting.
Honey comb louvre can use in camera

Using Aluminum honeycomb louvre Controls glare lighting!

Aluminum honeycomb LouvreAluminum honeycomb Louvre can provide maximum control over the light beam, lowering it to just ...