Building Material: What is Aluminum Honeycomb Core?
the aluminium honeycomb core is a building material which is used in a wide variety of applications worldwide. It is highly desirable due to its incredibly high strength-to-weight ratio and is applicable wherever lightness and strength are required. We supply high-quality aluminium honeycomb to global markets including the Aerospace, Marine, Defence, Rail and Automotive industries.
Why use Aluminum?
It has several benefits
It is light-weight – 1/3 the weight of steel
it is strong, corrosion-resistant and a good conductor of heat and electricity
100% recyclable, without any loss of its natural qualities
it is easy to shape, form and fabricate
Aluminum does not burn – it melts at 650 degrees centigrade
When alloyed with another metal like Silicon or Magnesium, it can be stronger than Steel
Light weight
Fire prevention
General Aluminum Honeycomb Core
For panel materials
Regular Hexagonal
Aluminum Honeycomb Core
For Diversion or decorative materials
Oblique Aluminum Honeycomb Core
For Special field
Unexpanded Aluminum Honeycomb Core
Easy to transport, the board factory preferred.
What does an aluminum honeycomb core look like?
Aluminum honeycomb core structure
Side Length:

Material Selection:
A1100, A3003, A5052

Thickness Model of foil:

Cell size and side Length:
Tips on how to expand our aluminum honeycomb by hand:
Two people are required, wearing cut-resistant gloves, with each person gripping opposite ends of the unexpanded core. Expand the core by pulling it until the honeycomb reaches an even hexagonal shape

Always wear gloves when handling core as the product is sharp and will easily cause deep cuts.
Let me see, where is it used?
Aluminum honeycomb can be used in a virtually unlimited number of applications. Some of the most widespread applications are as follows:


Doors Floors Sanitary ModulesEnergy AbsorbersFurnitureWallsDividing Panels


Interior Panels and PartitionsFurnitureCeiling and Flooring PanelsHulls and BulkheadsDoors


Building FacadesCeiling and Flooring PanelsClean RoomsFurniture


Exterior architectural curtain wall panels low Straightening ( Air and Liquid)Heating and VentilationElectromagnetic shieldingSacrificial Beds (Laser and Waterjet)


MotorsportsCommercial and Military VehiclesImpact Energy Absorbers

Wind Turbines

Rotor BladesTurbine CladdingMould Construction
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what is aluminum honeycomb core look like?

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Sound insulation,Heat preservation:Because of the air layer between the two layers can be separated by honeycomb into ma...

what is aluminum honeycomb core Specification and Features?

Specification:Al foil series: A3003,A5052Side length:0.5mm~17.33 mmFoil thickness 0.04mm~0.2 mmCell size:0.86 mm~30.0 5m...

What is aluminum honeycomb core?

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