How we choose a good aluminum honecomb panel?

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How we choose a good aluminum honecomb panel?

That some points we need pay attention to.


1、Aluminum decorative panel

Aluminum decorative panel fabric of the aluminum honeycomb panel decorative panel is typically selected from 3003, 5005, etc., and the 1100 sheet with low alloy composition is much less used. The decorative surface is sprayed or rolled, the coating is polyester or fluorocarbon paint, the outer wall is ideally sprayed, and the three coats are required, the thickness of the paint layer is ≥40μm, so as to make sure the sturdiness of the coating. The aluminum plate is subjected to a strict surface anodizing treatment earlier than portray to make certain enough coating adhesion and bonding electricity with the honeycomb core. The panel coating ought to meet the necessities of the countrywide standard YS/T429.2-2000.aluminum honeycomb plate

2、Aluminum back

The aluminum honeycomb returned plate needs to be made of the identical fabric as the panel. The floor needs to be anodized. The exposed floor be coated with protective coating. The coating fabric can be polyester, epoxy or acrylic. Long-term exposure to air causes corrosion of aluminum sheets.

3、Aluminum honeycomb core material

The aluminum honeycomb core material is manufactured through the aluminum foil and exclusive honeycomb node glue on the aluminum honeycomb core production line. The factors affecting the performance of the honeycomb core fabric commonly encompass parameters such as aluminum foil, noodle glue, and honeycomb core specifications.


4、Aluminum foil aluminum foil

Aluminum foil aluminum foilhave to be chosen 3003 grade, the processing needs to be strictly floor treatment, in the merchandise with excessive necessities on power or durability, the honeycomb core material processed by means of 1100 pure aluminum foil should be used with caution.aluminum honeycomb core

5、Gum glue

the epoxy resin has to be epoxy modified high temperature curing adhesive, which not solely provides adequate bonding energy but also has terrific environmental resistance and excessive and low temperature resistance. Common adhesives tend to degumm the honeycomb core due to low strength, resulting in average failure and instability. The node strength of the honeycomb core is the important groundwork for evaluating its performance, and its node power facts must be ≥2.0N/mm.

6、Honeycomb core specifications

aluminum honeycomb core size is determined by way of the thickness of the aluminum foil and the cell measurement of the honeycomb. The aluminum honeycombs of unique specs have different densities and exceptional mechanical properties, and the manufacturing fee thereof also has a giant difference. The honeycomb core measurement can be expressed in two ways: the honeycomb inscribed circle diameter (imperial unit) and the aluminum foil thickness/pore length (metric unit). The countrywide widespread in China is expressed by using the thickness of the aluminum foil/the length of the hole.

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