Whait is aluminum honeycomb panels?

2020-02-05 16:33 Judge Huang

Inspired by natural hexagonal honeycombs. Invented an aluminum honeycomb panel. The aluminum honeycomb panel is a honeycomb sandwich panel with a honeycomb structure as its core. The unique honeycomb structure makes it lighter than other materials in the same volume and has excellent stiffness and overall stability. With the advantages of sound insulation and thermal insulation. Aluminum alloys are neither radioactive nor volatile. They can be fully recycled, saving resources and energy, and minimizing environmental pollution. This makes the honeycomb aluminum plate a new type of energy-saving, environmentally friendly and healthy material.


Aluminum honeycomb panels have many advantages:

1. Lightweight and low density.

The core layer of a honeycomb panel is a typical honeycomb structure. The continuous polygonal elements are regularly arranged so that the solid portion of the honeycomb panel has a smaller cross-sectional area, so the density of the honeycomb panel is lower than other sandwich materials. Since the density of the honeycomb panel is much lower than that of ordinary panels (such as laminates and steel plates), it is also the lightest in the same volume. It only accounts for 9% of FRP laminates, 11% of steel and 23% of aluminum alloys, which allows aluminum honeycomb panels to save a lot of energy for aircraft applications. Low density and lightweight make the honeycomb panel meet the requirements of "lightweight, energy-saving and environmentally friendly" materials for aviation engineering aircraft and transportation vehicles.

2. Sound insulation and heat insulation.

The material used to produce the honeycomb panel itself does not have thermal and acoustic insulation properties, while aluminum is a good conductor for thermal and acoustic insulation. However, the unique structure of the honeycomb panel makes it have good heat insulation and sound insulation properties.

4. High strength and good rigidity.

According to mechanical analysis, the honeycomb panels are connected to each other like I-beams. The skin panel bears flat loads like I-steel flanges. The honeycomb core functions like an I-beam can withstand shear stresses and connects and supports two skin panels. However, unlike I-beams, the honeycomb core is not thin ribs, but dense ribs. The core layer is bonded to the entire surface of the board. The height of the core layer is much larger than the thickness of the skin, which doubles the moment of inertia of the section, improves overall stability, and increases the overall stiffness.

4. Good impact resistance and vibration reduction.

When the honeycomb panel is subjected to external impact, the impact force can be converted into plastic deformation energy of the honeycomb core, so that the impact energy can be effectively absorbed. Through the self-dropping ball impact test on the aluminum honeycomb panel, by checking the depth of the dented area and the impact portion, there were no cracks. absorb. The damping effect is good.

The core is a honeycomb structure with hexagonal holes taking up most of the space. Usually, the honeycomb panel: 1220×2440mm and the foil thickness of the honeycomb core is 0.036mm. After the honeycomb core and the skin are composed, the channel is a hexagonal cylindrical closed space, and the air layer between the skin layers is also divided into a plurality of closed channels, thereby preventing airflow and making it difficult to convert and transfer heat. . In this structure, the propagation of sound waves is also greatly restricted, so the honeycomb panel has good heat insulation and sound insulation properties.

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