ROPERTIES OF aluminum honeycomb core

2020-01-02 13:47Judge Huang

Sound insulation,Heat preservation:

Because of the air layer between the two layers can be separated by honeycomb into many closed pore,make the sound wave and the spread of heat is limited by greatly,so that this materials has good sound insulation, heat preservation performance.


By the national fireproof construction material quality supervision inspection center for identification, various performance indexes meet the material flame retardant materials specified requirements, the standard of GB/8624-1997, the combustion performance of material to achieve GB/8624-B1 level.

The superior flatness and rigidity:

Aluminum honeycomb panel made up of many competing with dense honeycomb,like many small I beam,can be scattered from the other side of the panel under pressure,make the plate force uniform,ensure the strength of its stress and panel when large-area keep high flatness.


Preliminary roller surface process, anti-oxidation, non-discolouring, without mildew in the damp environment and deformation,etc.

Light weight, Energy conservation:

The material is 70 times lighter than the bricks of the same size,only one third weight of stainless steel.

Environment protection:

This material will not send out any harmful gas material.and easy cleaning,recyclable reuse.


There is no change after inspection in 2% HCL in solution soaking for 24 hours,and in saturated Ca(OH)2 solution soaking also

Construction convenient:

The product has the complementary of aluminum alloy keel,simple to install,saving labor and time,repeatable and removable