Using Aluminum honeycomb louvre Controls glare lighting!

2020-02-19 13:34 Judge Huang

Aluminum honeycomb Louvre

Aluminum honeycomb Louvre can provide maximum control over the light beam, lowering it to just 43º. The lightweight metal disk, it is lightweight. And the Aluminum honeycomb Louvre can control the light that overflows from the middle. Focusing the light and putting the light only where you want it, with minimal light loss.

At the same time, the Aluminum honeycomb Louvres are easy to install and cheap, depending on the specifications, it is only about $ 0.4


features of Aluminum honeycomb Louvre

  • The 3 / 8th (9.5 mm) beehive allows light to be limited to 40 degrees

  • Progress will go down

  • Basically no of light loss

  • Ensures bright light and space

  • It comes in quickly and easily

  • Lightweight metalcore and powder-coated camera

Specification of Black aluminum Honeycomb Louvers

  • anodized aluminum Honeycomb louver

  • Controls glare

  • Available in various diameters

  • Colour: Black

At last,I want to say aluminum Honeycomb louver is a type of aluminum honeycomb core,And it is material of aluminum honeycomb panels.

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