Why Aluminum honeycomb panel use in aerospace?

2020-02-06 13:33 judge Huang

Aluminum honeycombs are very advantageous in aerospace applications.

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First, aerospace materials must be lightweight, and aluminum honeycombs are a lightweight, high-strength material. To achieve the best aerodynamic performance. Ensure the safety of pilots and passengers and withstand the physical forces of flight. Aluminum honeycomb panels are also heat resistant, ensuring that structural changes are kept to a minimum during extreme temperature fluctuations that occur suddenly at high speeds and altitudes.

Aluminum honeycomb panels are an excellent solution for a variety of aerospace applications.

Aluminum honeycomb cores are often used as sandwich structural composites, sandwiched between two thin material plates (aluminum plates). This sandwich form effectively combines the lightweight and high strength characteristics of an aluminum honeycomb. At the same time, the surface of the aluminum honeycomb panel is smooth and flat. This helps eliminate openings and unnecessary airflow.

The aluminum honeycomb core in an aluminum honeycomb panel can be designed and manufactured into any number of hexagonal honeycomb shapes, sizes and configurations. From increased flexibility to high strength, the appropriate honeycomb panel design can adapt to any specification.

Aluminum honeycomb panels have many advantages and characteristics that are particularly useful in aerospace applications.

The rigidity of aluminum honeycomb panel is second to none, and its strength-to-weight ratio is also the highest among any composite core materials. Its resistance to compression and heat, high temperature fluctuations and shear, all of which are especially important in flight situations.

Because mold and fungus resistance is a key characteristic of enclosed environments in aerospace applications. Aluminum honeycomb panels are non-hygroscopic, height-adjustable, and recyclable (more than 93% of all aluminum materials processed each year are from recyclable products), which makes aluminum honeycomb panels a very environmentally friendly aerospace honeycomb composite choice.

In some cases, honeycombs can be up to 40 times stronger than laminates and often have better weight / strength ratios. Moreover, loads and load transfers in honeycombs are much larger than in laminates.


Aluminum honeycomb panels are used in a variety of aerospace applications and are becoming the material of choice for key substructures in rockets, aircraft, jet engines, propellers, and similar non-aerospace structures such as wind turbine blades. Aluminum honeycomb panels are also used in aircraft heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Classic qualities of the aerospace industry

Cookofo aluminum honeycomb panels ensure that the aircraft's internal structure meets strength and durability requirements. To meet the highest levels of quality and durability requirements in the industry.

With various panel solutions, customers can flexibly customize the plate size: such as the thickness of upper and lower aluminum plates, alloys, alloy series filled with honeycomb cores, apertures, aluminum foil thickness, etc. to meet specific internal and structural application requirements

That is all we want use aluminum honeycomb panels aerospace

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