what is aluminum honeycomb core look like?

2020-02-01 13:56 Judge Huang

Aluminum honeycomb core is made up of layers of aluminum foil adhesive, overlying. and then stretched into a regular hexagonal honeycomb core. Aluminum honeycomb core hole wall with sharp,clear, without burrs, suitable for high quality across the core material of adhesive and other purposes.Honeycomb board core layer is hexagonal aluminum honeycomb structure, containment of dense honeycomb like many small beam. can bear the pressure from the other side of the panel, the plate force uniform, ensure the panel in a large area can still keep high flatness in addition. the hollow honeycomb can also greatly abate the plate body thermal expansion in the form of the supply full blocks of honeycomb.cut slices of honeycomb, expanded honeycomb, perforated honeycomb.corrosion treated honeycomb.

a = cell size

Different cell sizes have the different resistance, applications are also different.